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Balance Shampoo 250 - 1000 ml


Shampoo for normal, healthy hair. Contains extracts of the birch, panthenol and

vitamin E, for a lasting healthy scalp and hair. Suitable for daily use.



Balance Care 200 ml - 1000 ml


Hairconditioner for normal, healthy hair. Ideal for frequent use. If fortifies the hair. Antistatic ingredients facilitate detangling and styling. Contains extracts of the birch, panthenol, aloe vera and also glycerine, for extra shine on dull hair.




Balance Leave-in Conditioner 250 ml


Liquid haircare. Not to be rinsed. Contains polishing ingredients, that eases detangling. Spray, comb and let dry. Ideal for long, frizzy hair.





Volume Shampoo 250 ml - 1000 ml


Shampoo for fine hair. Contains extracts of hop and different polyquaternium, which add a fine layer around the hairshaft. So, each hair becomes thicker and the hair looks more voluminous. Suitable for daily use.



Volume Leave-in Conditioner 250 ml


A treatment spray, that simultaneously eases detangling and gives volume. Contains detangling ingredients without using silicones. Contains extracts of hop and different polyquaternium, which add a fine layer around the hair shaft. So, each hair becomes thicker and the hair looks more voluminous. Spray, comb and let dry. Suitable for daily use



Equalize Shampoo 250 ml - 1000 ml



Equalize Fluid 10 ml - 150 ml


The scalp contains sebaceous glands, which, sometimes, produce too much sebum, causing the scalp to become oily and the hair greasy, shiny and lank. Equalize Shampoo 3.0 and Equalize Fluid 3.4 contain a mixture of 8 different plant extracts: field horsetail, horse chestnut, sage, coltsfoot, rosemary, stinging nettle, camomile and lemon balm.



These ingredients regulate and reduce the production of sebum.


Equalize Fluid 3.4 contains these ingredients in a higher concentration and is used as a short term treatment.

Equalize Shampoo 3.0 is a continous regulating shampoo for daily use.




Remove Shampoo 250 ml - 1000 ml



Remove Fluid 10 ml - 150 ml


Dandruff is the result of excessive production of new skin cells in the epidermis. The dead skin cells shed off and remain in the hair and fall on the shoulders. In many cases the scalp is also irritated, sensitive and itches.


There are 2 kinds of dandruff:

Dry dandruff. Goes together with a dry scalp and is mainly visible on the shoulders.

Oily dandruff. It sticks in the hair, which is oily as well, because of the excessive production of sebum.


Remove Shampoo 4.0 contains tea-tree oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) which disinfects and tightens the scalp and protects against the production of yeasts, bacteria and moulds.




Other ingredients are octopirox and extracts of the stinging nettle, which regulate the production of skin cells. The production of new skin cells is moderated, consequently less skin cells will shed and will shed more slowly.


Remove Fluid 4.4 contains the same ingredients, without tea-tree oil, in a much higher concentration and must be used as a short term treatment.


Remove Shampoo 4.0 is a daily shampoo for those, who suffer dandruff.

In case of oily dandruff, the use of Equalize Shampoo 3.0 in combination with Remove Shampoo 4.0 is recommended.




Active Shampoo 250 ml - 1000 ml




Active Fluid 10 ml - 150 ml


The follicle is the only 'living' part of the hair. It anchors the hair by the hair-root and feeds it with oxygen and nutrients.

Hair loss can have a medical cause but can also be caused by an infected or malfunctioning follicle, because of a shortage of oxygen, caused by a bad blood circulation.



Active Shampoo 5.0 and Active Fluid 5.4 contain powerful ingredients like arnica, inositol, soya proteins and aloe vera, which will clean and revitalise the follicle, so the hair gets the space and power to grow up again.




Tonic Shampoo 250 ml - 1000 ml




Tonic Fluid 10 ml - 150 ml


Weakened hair growth is caused by a shortage of oxygen. The hair is fed with oxygen via the hair root, in the follicle. So a bad blood circulation to  the hair root is the main cause of weakened hair growth. Tonic Shampoo 6.0 and


Tonic Fluid 6.4 contain powerful agents like extracts of ginseng and vitamins, which improve the blood circulation and consequently stimulate the transport of oxygen to the hair. Tonic Fluid 6.4 contains these agents in a higher concentration and is used as a short term treatment.



Moisture Shampoo 250 ml - 1000 ml


When the sebaceous glands produce too little sebum, it leads to an insufficient 'acid mantle', so, the skin dehydrates and the hair becomes dry, porous and dull. Dry and porous hair especially needs hydrating and cell restoring agents. Sage, argan oil, sheabutter and pro-vitamins B5 hydrate the hair and scalp. Wheat proteins feed and restore the keratin fibres of the hair shaft. Extracts of camomile will reactivate the sebaceous glands. Daily use of the Moisture Shampoo 7.0 will repair dry and porous hair and hydrate the scalp and keep it healthy.


Moisture Cream 200 ml - 1000 ml


Very porous, damaged and bleached hair needs Moisture Cream 7.2. It contains Shea butter and Argan oil. They repair the damaged scales of the cuticle and feed and profoundly reinvigorate the hair shaft. Dry and lifeless hair lenghts are revived.  The hair becomes soft, flexible and shiny again. Apply twice a week, during a 6 weeks period. Moisture Cream 7.2 is also ideal to detangle very tangled hair.




Color Save Shampoo 250 ml - 1000 ml

Color Save Care 200 ml - 1000 ml


An oxidative hair colour can leave the hair lifeless. That's why coloured hair always needs extra care.


Color Save Shampoo 8.0 and Color Save Care 8.1 contain natural, hydrating agents, like aloe vera and jojoba oil, so the moisture balance in the hair remains stable after a colouring.


Moreover they also contain a pigment fixating agent, fruit acid, that fixes the colour pigments in the hair shaft and consequently the colour in the hair will last longer.





Color Save Shampoo 8.0 may be used daily.

Color Save Care 8.1 is used when the hair is lifeless or as  a weekly treatment.

Color Save Care 8.1 is the ideal conditioner for all chemically treated hair, not only coloured but also bleached and permed hair.




Wave Shampoo 250 ml - 1000 ml


Shampoo for permed or natural curly hair. Contains wheat proteins. The curl of the hair is defined by the minuscule 'cross-beams', the so called sulphur bonds, in the hair shaft, that keep the keratin cells in the right position. Wheat proteins feed and fortify these sulphur bonds, so that the hair keeps its elastic curl.

Wave Shampoo 9.0 may be used daily.

Permed hair can be  slightly damaged and dehydrated because of the chemical treatment itself. The hair feels brittle to touch. Moisture Care 7.1 will re-hydrate and repair these damaged hairs.




Repair & Shine Silk Serum 50 ml


Repair & Shine Silk Serum 0.5 seals the split ends of the hair, so that they do not split any further.  Repair & Shine Silk Serum 0.5 as a finishing product on dry hair. Contains argan and jojoba oil, which will rehydrate the hair.



Wave Leave-in Conditioner 250 ml


Wave Leave-in Conditioner 9.3 is a conditioning spray with wheat proteins. These wheat proteins feed and fortify the sulphur bonds, so that the hair keeps its elasticity. Spray, brush or let dry after combing.




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