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Color Intensivo

Color Intensivo Red

Quick Meches

Oxydative colouring with bees wax.100 ml.

Natural shades, extra coverage and fashion shades. 84 shades.

5 deep red shades, under one name, Color Intensivo Red.

Quick meches Sunbleach powder & Cream. Gentle bleaching concept for creative highlights. Ammoniafree.


Oxydant Traitant


Color Mousse

Conditioning peroxide creams. for coloration, bleaching and highlights. 3, 6, 9, 12%

Soft semi-permanent colouring. Tone on tone. Ammoniafree. 30 shades. Ideal to cover the first white hairs or to refresh the colour in between two oxydative colourings. To be used with Coloresse Developer Milk.


4 in 1. Color, care, styling & shine. Styling mousse with direct colour pigments. For blowdry or setting and colour refreshment and intensification in one move. 13 shades.

Color Essentials

Intensive cleaner

Stabilizing Shampoo

Stabilizing Shampoo

Intensive cleaner - 250 ml - 1000 ml


Emulsifyer.Haircosmetics are trendy but the abundant use of shampoos and gels have a bad influence on the condition of the hair. Many products contain silicones, which put a layer around the hair and reduces the efficacity of colours and perms. Carin has optimal action of your colour and permproducts.


Carin Haircosmetics has the solution. A simple shampoo with Intensive Cleaner eliminates these layers and removes the residus of gels and sprays. This garantuees an optimal action of your colour and permproducts.


Application:Emulsify Intensive Cleaner on wet hair. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse well, towel dry. Dry the hair.The hair is ready for high quality technical appli-cations.

Stabilizing Shampoo - 250 ml - 1000 ml


Stabilizing Shampoo is an absolute must after the colouring. The mild 'acid' composition garantuees not only a radical cleansing of the  hair but also accelerates the closing of the hairscales, so the pigments are better fixed in the hair.


Application: After the processing time of the colouring, emulsify and rinse well. Apply Stabilizing Shampoo equally on the hair. Make the shampoo lather. No processing time. Rinse well. Towel dry. An after-treatment with pH Condit-ioner is recommended. Note: Stab- lizing Shampoo is to be used exclusively after colouring.



pH CONDITIONER - 250 ml - 1000 ml


pH Conditioner is a smooth detangler to be used directly after the colouring. Its acid formula garantuees an optimal fixation of the colourpigments.


Application:Use after Stabilizing Shampoo. Apply equally on the towel dry hair. Massage gently. Rinse inmediately. No processing time.



Stain Remover

Color Corrector

Keratine is the most important material, of which hair is made off. Allerga is a liquid pure keratine concentrate. Addition of Allerga to a colour or permproduct not only reinforces the hair but also protects the scalp against irritations or itching during the processing time.


Application: Colouring and bleaching: prepare the mixture as usual and add Allerga. Perm: add one half of Allerga to the reductor and the other half to the fixating liquid.Allerga does not modify the properties of your product through its addition.



Stain Remover & Stain Remover Gel 250 ml - 1000 ml


A good emulsion not always removes all colourstains on the scalp. Especially on the forehead, in the neck and behind the ears remain persistent stains. A few drops of Stain Remover and some cotton will do the job.


Apply Stain Remover on a cotton. Rub gently on the remaining stains. Rinse afterwards.


Color Corrector & Developer Cream 2%  - 250 ml


Color Corrector is the easy way to eliminate unwanted artificial colour pigments in the hair.A two phase mild formula that will not lift the hair colour or deteriorate the natural condition of the hair. Color Corrector reduces the artificial colour pigments without affecting the natural pigments. Can be used for partial or total colour correction.


Developer Cream is to be used, after a color Corrector, when the hair will not be redyed.


Application:After the processing time of the Color Corrector, rinse the hair abundantly. Wash the hair 2 - 3 times with Intensive Cleaner. Apply the Developer Cream with a pinsel. 5 minutes processing time. Rinse well. Wash with Stabilizing Shampoo. After-treatment with pH Conditioner.


Silver Shampoo

Silver Shampoo - 250 ml

Blondgel - 250ml


Shampoo that neutralizes the yellow shine in white hair.

Application: Apply equally on the hair. Make it lather. 2 to 3 minutes processing time. Rinse well



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